About Us

About David Finn:


David Finn is a network administrator and the malware researcher at CleaningPCVirus with the passion for discovery of a new shifts and innovations in the cyber security. A strong believer in the basic education of every users towards the online safety and security. Also, he is an inspired writer who focused on users privacy and malicious software. Finn is passionate about the PC security and the technology. He has 10 years’ experience working in various companies related to the system technical issue solving and the Internet security. Apart from his busy schedules, he writes several guide for the removal of computer infection and viruses on cleanvirusfrompc.com. He has a vast knowledge about the threat invasion and their complete removal. He research on the newly released Ransomware, Trojan, Adware, Keylogger, Worm and their instant removal. Really, he is a technology freak, researcher and the computer geek.

About John Patrick:


John Patrick is the Editor-in-chief of CleaningPCVirus. He is a dedicated malware researcher and dreaming for a more secure cyber world. He has been writing articles about virus removal longer that he would care to admit. He has some innovative for keeping the Windows computer safe and secure against any kind of malware and viruses. In the Patrick’s security guide, you will find all the suggestions on how to keep your system protected from virus attack and also get to know all the steps to remove malware or viruses safely from your PC. The removal guides written by John Patrick are in most comprehensible manner which helps the newbie to perform the virus removal steps in hassle free manner.