Best Management Tips for Safari to Avoid Virus-Malware Attacks

Know How to Enable, Install and Manage Extensions for Safari

Enable Extensions Menu :

1. Launch Safari web browser and click on the Gear Settings icon at the upper right corner of the interface, followed by Show Menu Bar option.

enable safari extension 1

2. Now go for the Advanced tab through Gear Settings icon then to Preferences and check out the Show Develop menu in the menu bar option.

enable safari extensions 2

3. Next navigate through the Develop menu and then to Enable Extensions.

enable safari extensions 3

Install Extensions :

1. First you need to find required extension compatible with your Safari browser. And, then click on it to start download.

install extension 1

2. Next you will be prompted with a confirmation dialog box where you have to click on Open or Save it.

install extension 2

3. Once you will click Open button it will automatically start installation after download completed. Before that you will be prompted with a confirmation dialog box asking to install or not. You should go for Install if you want to install the extension.

install extension 3

Manage Extensions :

Safari provides Extensions pane in order to manage and uninstall extensions. Here we have provided instructions for how to manage extensions in your web browser.

1. First of all, launch Safari and navigate through Gear Settings icon, followed by Preferences… option.

safari settings - preferences

2. Further you have to go for Extensions tab from where you can enable/disable extensions, check for their updates, customize its settings and also uninstall them if needed.

Safari Extension tab

Modify Privacy and Security Settings of Safari

Optimize Security Settings :

To make changes in security parameters of your browser you can navigate through Gear icon → Preferences… → Security Panel.

1. Enable Warning for Fraudulent Sites : You can do this by checking out the option Warn when visiting a fraudulent website next to Fraudulent sites section.

Warning for Fraudulent Sites

2. Disable Plug-ins, Java and JavaScript : Although these features are included to enhance users browsing experience but nowadays plug-ins and scrips has been used for malware contamination. You can turn off these options next to Web content section to protect yourself and tun it on when you need them.

Disabling Plug-ins, Java and JavaScript

3. Block Pop-up Windows : These days pop-ups are also used to infect computers with Trojan and harmful links to infected websites. You can enable the Block pop-up windows option next to Web content in order to avoid such attacks.

Blocking Pop-Up Windows

Optimize Privacy Settings :

You can follow through Gear Settings icon to Preferences… and then to Privacy Panel to make modifications to privacy settings of your browser.

1. Clear Cookies : Cookies has been used by malicious threats to know about your online habits and other details. So to prevent this from happening its better to clean it time to time.

To do this you first need to click on Remove All Website Data… button next to Cookies and other website data.

remove all website data

Next in order to block Safari from storing cookies you may choose relevant options from the Block cookies section. You can also choose From third parties and advertisers option there to only block Safari from storing cookies from such sites.

block cookies from third parties

2. Secure Location Services : Here you can enable the Prompt for each website once each day option next to Limit website access to location services to websites always have to take permission once a day to use your location for providing better services.

Location Services

3. Website Tracking and Search Suggestions : Its better to check out the Ask websites not to track me option next to Website tracking and Prevent search engine from providing suggestions next to Web search to protect your privacy.

Ask websites not to track me

Prevent search engine from providing suggestions

Set Your Default Search Engine and Homepage of Safari

For this you first have to navigate through Safari → Preferences… → General tab.

1. Default search engine : From this option you can set your default search engine of your preferences.

safari search engine settings

2. Homepage : Here you can either enter your desired homepage URL or may click on Set to Current Page button to make your current page to homepage.

Safari homepage settings

Reset Safari Browser to Default Settings and Restore any Unwanted Changes

At some situations users may encounter with issues which might have messed up your Safari default settings and facing weird browsing behaviors. In such cases users can reset the browser to its default settings in order to restore any suspicious alterations.

1. Launch Safari and navigate from Gear Settings icon to Reset Safari… option.

reset safari Windows 1

2. Next you have to click on Reset button to restore the default settings of your browser. But before that you will have to tick out all of the options in the list you want to reset.

reset safari windows 2