Get Rid Of 1-888-403-6867 Pop-up Quickly In Few Clicks

From last couple of days, I am detecting 1-888-403-6867 Pop-up during my web session. Whenever I try to open any site, it appears on the screen and says that my system has been infected with adware or unwanted programs. I have ran full scanning in the PC but my anti-virus program doesn’t detect any threat. What is the reason behind 1-888-403-6867 Pop-up? What should I need to do now to block these ads permanently? Please help me!

1-888-403-6867 Pop-up

1-888-403-6867 Pop-up is recognized as bogus alert which is caused by the adware programs. It does not require administrator permission to invade in the PC and installs bogus extensions or add-ins in the default browser. 1-888-403-6867 Pop-up will automatically appear on the screen when you will start surfing the web and displays warning alerts. It says that your system has been infected with harmful threats which is a high security risk for your personal identity. It asks the users to call on the given toll free number i.e. 1-888-403-6867 to get immediate help from the technical experts.

Do not trust the alerts displayed by 1-888-403-6867 Pop-up. It is capable to connect a phony call with the remote hackers instead of experts. They will recommend you to purchase their suggested softwares for PC protection. The worst part is that when you will proceed to make online transactions then hackers will record all the keystrokes which you will enter during payment. Hackers can use your sensitive information for illegal purpose and makes you suffer from identity theft situations. Instead of providing protection, it can download additional threats in the system which is completely unafe for the PC performance. You will notice extremely sluggish speed of all the basic functions of the system including Internet connection. Hence, try to block 1-888-403-6867 Pop-up quickly and remove the presence of adware permanently from the infected PC.

Easily Remove 1-888-403-6867 Pop-up From Your Computer


Know How to Delete 1-888-403-6867 Pop-up From PC Manually

Manual 1-888-403-6867 Pop-up Removal Guide From Control Panel

Win 10 iconFrom Windows 10


Step 1. User need to go to Start button and select Settings option.

CP- Win10 1

Step 2. Now choose System and then tap on Apps & features option from the list.

Step 3. Finally select 1-888-403-6867 Pop-up from the present list and press Uninstall option.

CP- Win10 3

Win 8 iconFrom Windows 8


Step 1. First of all go to left lower corner of the window and then stay here until you get various option win8startbutton over there.

Step 2. Now do the Right click and pick Start menu and then choose Programs and Features.

CP- Win8 2

Step 3. Here you should choose unwanted program and press Uninstall button to delete 1-888-403-6867 Pop-up from your PC quickly.

CP- Win8 3

Win 7 iconFrom Windows 7



Step 1. You need to go to Start button and pick Control Panel option.

Step 2. Here you have to select “View by” option and then choose category from the drop down list.

Step 3. In this step you have to tap on Uninstall a Program under the programs option.

Step 4. Now select 1-888-403-6867 Pop-up or any other unwanted application that gets installed on your PC and then click on Uninstall button.

CP-Win7 4

XP iconFrom Windows XP


Step 1. Open your XP first and then go to Start Button and choose Control Panel

Step 2. Now select Add or Remove Programs


Step 3. Here you need to pick 1-888-403-6867 Pop-up from the list and then click on Remove option to get rid of it completely.


Manual 1-888-403-6867 Pop-up Extension Removal From Web Browsers – Do It Yourself Guide

From Google Chrome

Step 1. Start your Google Chrome and pick Menu option from top right corner of the window.

Step 2. Here select Tools options then press Extensions.

Step 3. Now you to find 1-888-403-6867 Pop-up from the list and select it and press Trash icon to delete it easily.


From Mozilla Firefox

Step 1. User need to launch their Mozilla Firefox browser and go to Tools option.

Step 2. Here they have to pick Add-ons option and then you will get list of all installed add-ons and programs on your browser.

Step 3. After that you only have to select 1-888-403-6867 Pop-up and other unknown application and then press Uninstall button.

Mozilla-Firefox 3

From Microsoft Edge Browser

Step 1. Firstly open the Edge browser and select More Actions (three dots “…”) option at the top right corner of the window.


Step 2. Now you are advised to choose Settings option from the available list.


Step 3. In this step you should pick “View advance settings” option.


Step 4. Now Turn On Block Pop-ups feature in this current window.


From Internet Explorer

Step 1. Launch your Internet Explorer Browser and go to Tools option.

Step 2. Now select Manage Add-ons and then click on Enable or Disable Add-ons option from the list.


Step 3. Finally you can see 1-888-403-6867 Pop-up in the current list on your Window that you need to select and then tap on Disable option from the Right Click drop down list. After that Press OK Button to complete the task.


Remove 1-888-403-6867 Pop-up From PC by Cleaning Registry Entries

Experts suggest to use this action through safe mode and to know how to open PC in safe mode and remove malware infection.

Step 1. Go to Start Button and choose Run option.

Step 2. Here you need to type regedit in the text box and click OK button.

Step 3. Here you have to search for 1-888-403-6867 Pop-up and then delete identified files like:-

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\1-888-403-6867 Pop-up
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\1-888-403-6867 Pop-up
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ Windows\ Current Version.


NOTE:- User needs to be careful while using this manual removal steps as it required technical skills and your single mistake can create severe problem on your PC.


Fore More Detailed Information: Watch Video

You are also advised to share your problem while removing malware infection manually from PC. You can submit your question here and get expert suggestion to resolve the problem.


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