Gmail Stops Supporting Older Versions of Chrome : Affected Windows XP & Vista Users

It’s Time To Update Older Versions of Chrome or Windows OS?

Google doesn’t generally announce whenever it discontinues the support for an older versions of Chrome browser. However, changing its tradition, the search giant of Mountain View posted that the users of Chrome version 53 and earlier would be rerouted to the primary HTML version of Gmail starting from the month of December 2017. Most often, the users do not care which version of Google Chrome they’re using. Although, the silent update mechanism ensures that most of the Chrome users are always on the latest version that are available for the browser. Instead, there can be various reasons why some users cannot upgrade their browser. Among all of them, the older OS version being one of the most probable reason for that.

older versions of Chrome

Now, Google is offering you more incentive in order to ditch your Windows XP and Vista operating system, because the older versions of Google Chrome will no longer support Gmail. Starting the next week, those who are still using an older versions of Google Chrome i.e. 53 or earlier will notice a banner displays at the top of Gmail alerting them for update. Instantly, the company is making it a requirement for the users to be on at least Google Chrome version 54 to continue having the full access to Gmail features. Google also noted that those who still don’t upgrade their browser to the latest version won’t be able to benefited from the regular security updates sent out to the web browser. According to the company noted in a blog post, “Gmail be more and more vulnerable to the security risks and the users will not have access to any new features and bug-fixes.”

According to the stats, Windows XP operating system still makes up 5% of global desktop browser market share. At the same time, the Microsoft has been pushing their users to upgrade to the latest Win 10 operating system, because Google discontinuing the support for Gmail might just be an another little incentive to those who sticking to Win XP. The company also suggested those who manages Google Chrome for others, in order to update their users to the upgraded version of browser. “Depending on what OS your users are on, you may really need to drift them into a supported system to get the latest features and versions”, the company added.

Notice To Be Displayed in the Older Versions of Google Chrome

older versions of Chrome

Starting with February 8, 2017, users who are running an older versions of Chrome and logging into their Gmail accounts will notice a banner just at the top of interface alerting them about the end of support for their web browser versions. However, Gmail will continue to work in the older versions of Chrome i.e. 53 or earlier versions until later this year, but they will be redirected to basic HTML version of email service starting with December 2017. The company says that the announcement was made given an expected impact on Windows XP and Vista users and known the security risks. Above all, it goes without saying that one of the easiest way to cope with these modifications is to update with a newer version of Windows OS which still receives support. Besides, given the fact that systems running Win XP and Win Vista typically have older hardware, thus switching to a non-Windows platform could be a better option.

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