Guidelines To Remove Chromium virus Instantly From Windows PC

Hello guys !! Today I am here for an effective solution to my issue which I am encountering on my computer systems since a few days ago, since I have mistakenly installed Chromium browser onto my Windows 7 PC. Though at the time when I noticed it’s presence on my PC, I tried hard to remove it, but unfortunately just not able to do so. I also made usage of several antimalware program onto my system to run a depth scan it. Now though they detected some Chromium related files, like Chromium virus and attempted measures to eliminate the program via removing those files, but that also not worked since the programs shortcuts is still appearing on my desktop. So, Is there anyone who can truly help me in this sort of critical situation as I have literally not having any clue what to do next to remove this undesired browser from my system. Thanks in advance…!!

Chromium virus

Chromium virus Overview :

Chromium is actually a trustworthy web browser program including tendency of fully opening up it’s source code on the Internet. Now though this browser is undoubtedly completely legitimately in nature, but yet unfortunately been used by some bad guys for the purpose of acquiring intrusion inside the system. Crooks have been reported utilizing it’s open source code for crafting fake Chromium browser to entice PC users into installing it.

Basic Information About Chromium virus

Threat Name

Chromium virus/Fake Chromium


Browser Hijacker

Propagation Methods

Via fake download buttons, freeware and shareware


Linux, BSD, OS X, Windows, Android

Potent Harmful Impacts

Change browser settings and Windows registry settings to provide the hackers with convenient conditions for practicing several malicious activities.

Installation Of Chromium virus Inside PC

Most commonly dubious Chromium-based browsers are propagated among targeted computer systems via utilizing a shady marketing method called ‘Bundling” . Under this technique, freeware programs are bundled with several malware programs and are get installed in the PC at the instant of time when freeware ones are loaded. Besides from this, often intrudes together with the attachments of spam emails.

Vicious Consequences Of Chromium virus

  • Chromium virus is a treacherous infection for the computer system that contributes tons of dangerous issues inside it after gaining successful intrusion inside it.
  • It brings modification in the system’s registry settings to gain activation with every Windows start-up.
  • Changes the default browser’s settings without the user’s assent.
  • Causes constant redirection to various phishing domain.
  • Gathers user’s confidential information and reveal it to the online crooks for bad purpose.
  • Disables the existing antimalware programs and installs numerous other spyware programs in the system.
  • Degrades the system’s speed badly.

Therefore, to avoid the evolution of such disastrous issues from being occurred in the PC, it is advised to remove Chromium virus as quickly as possible.

Easily Remove Chromium virus From Your Computer


Simple Steps To Remove Infection From Your Web Browser

Guide Yourself To Remove Chromium virus From Different Web Browsers

Uninstall Chromium virus And Suspicious Application From Control Panel

Below mentioned instructions will guide you on how to uninstall suspicious programs from Control Panel properly :

In Windows 8 & Windows 10

Step 1:Click on the “Search” option located in the upper-right corner of the screen.

windows 8 10 control panel

Step 2:Type Control Panel, and then “Uninstall a Program”.

windows 8 10 uninstall a program

Step 3:Select the Chromium virus related programs.

Step 4:Click on “Uninstall” option to remove it from PC.

windows 8 10 program and features uninstall

In XP, Windows Vista & Windows 7

Step 1:Click on “Start” button.

Win 7 Vista control panel 1

Step 2:Select the “Control Panel” option.

Step 3:Click on “Uninstall a Program” option.

Win 7 Vista Control Panel 2

Step 4:Select the suspicious programs.

Step 5:Tap “Uninstall” button to remove Chromium virus related programs from PC.

Win 7 Vista Programs and Features

Complete Chromium virus Removal From Windows Registry

Step 1:Open your Computer’s registry by clicking on the “Start” option.

Step 2:Type “regedit” in the search box, then press the “Enter” option.

start regedit

Step 3:Open the “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE_LOCAL_MACHINE,” directory.

Find registry

Step 4:Then double click on “Software” then on the each folder until you get to the “Current Version” directory.

Step 5:Click on each of the folders beginning with “Run” to view the registry inside.

Ctrl F find

Step 6:Double right click on the entries in the registry that confirms the malware inside.

Step 7:In last, click on the “delete” option to remove it completely.

Remove Unknown Toolbar From Your Browsers

Step 1:Unknown toolbar in some cases can create browser extension. And to remove extensions from your browsers manually do the following :

Step 2:Launch the browser and click on Gear Settings icon followed by Manage add-ons to open the extensions manager.

Browser extension 1

Step 3:Once after that you have to look for suspicious browser extension and right click on it followed by Disable or Remove button to uninstall it.

Browser Extension 2

Restore Chromium virus Modifications To Homepage And Clear History Of Different Web Browser

It is important to remove such malicious threats immediately from computer as it detected in order to stay safe.

Internet Explorer

Step 1:Launch Internet Explorer.

Step 2:Navigate to Tools followed by Internet Options.

IE homepage 1

Step 3:Go to General tab.

IE homepage 2

Enter your preffered URL in the Homepage section or click Use current to set current page as homepage, Use default to restore default homapage settings and Use blank for nothing.

Delete History And Cookies From Different Web Browsers :

Internet Explorer

Step 1:Start Internet Explorer.

Step 2:Go through Gear icon and then to Internet Options.

Browser extension 1

Step 3:In the General tab click on Delete under Browsing History section.

delete browsing history cookies IE

Step 4:Now check out the website data and cookies and click on Delete to clear IE browsing history.

Mozilla Firefox

Step 1:Open Mozilla Firefox.

Step 2:Go to the “Options/Preferences menu”.

Mozilla Menu Options

Step 3:Remove it if your homepage is set as Chromium virus.

Step 4:Press OK.

Mozilla Homepage

Step 5:Now select “Restore To Default” option to make your homepage as default.

Mozilla restore default homepage

Step 6:After that click on OK button to finish the process.

Experts Recommendations :- It is suggested to you to clear your browsing history after finishing such processes. And for this, here we are giving some easy steps below. They are as follows :

Step 1:Click on the “History” option.

mozilla history

Step 2:Now click on the “Clear Recent History” option from this Window.

mozilla clear recent history

Step 3:Now select “Everything” to clear option from “Time range”.

mozilla clear cookies history

Step 4:Click on the “Clear Now” option after ticking out all check boxes to complete this task.

Step 5:Finally restart the browser.

Google Chrome

Step 1:Open Google Chrome.

Step 2:Select the “menu” option and then “Settings” from the top right corner on the browser.


Step 3:Select the “Set page” option.

chrome set pages

Step 4:Remove the Chromium virus if you find, by pressing (X) button.

chrome startup pages

Step 5:Click on OK.

Step 6:Click on the “Change” option in the “Appearance” section.

chrome homepage

Step 7:Click on the OK button after finishing it up.

History Removal Process :

Step 1:Click on the “Setting” option from the menu.


Step 2:Click on the “History” option in the left panel of the screen.

chrome history tab

Step 3:Click on the “Clear Browsing Data” and then select “Time” here.


Step 4:Then, click on the “Clear Browsing data”.

Step 5:Finally restart the browser.

Instructions To Eliminate Chromium virus (Video Removal Guide)

Reset Your Browser To Completely Remove Chromium virus Related Modifications

Internet Explorer

Step 1:Open Internet Explorer.

Step 2:Click on the “gear icon” in the upper right corner of the browser.

IE Step1

Step 3:Click on “Internet Options”.

Step 4:Click on the “Advanced” tab in the dialog box of ‘Internet options’.

IE Step2

Step 5:Click on the “Reset” button.

Step 6:Click on the “Delete personal settings” check box in the “Reset Internet Explorer settings”.

IE Step3

Step 7:Click on the “Reset” button again.

Step 8:Click on the “Close” button in the confirmation dialogue box, after the completion of task.

IE Step4

Google Chrome

Step 1:Open Google Chrome.

Step 2:Click on the Chrome’s “main menu” button, represented by three horizontal lines.


Step 3:Click on the “Settings” option when the drop-down menu appears.

Step 4:Click on the “Show advanced settings” link.


Step 5:Click on the “Reset browser section” button.


Step 6:Click on the “Reset” button to complete the restoration process.


Step 7:Click on the “Close” option after finishing the process.

Mozilla Firefox

Step 1:Open Firefox

Step 2:Click on the “Firefox menu” in the upper right corner of the Firefox Window.

Step 3:Click on the “Help” button.

Firefox Reset 1

Step 4:Choose “Troubleshooting Information” from the Help menu.

Firefox Reset 2

Step 5:Click on the “Reset Firefox” button in the upper right corner of the “Troubleshooting Information” page.

Firefox Reset 3

Step 6:Click on the “Reset Firefox” button in the new configuration window once again to continue.

Firefox Reset 4

Step 7:Click on the “Finish” button, when it’s done.


You can also contact us to ask questions related with Chromium virus removal in case you are getting issues in its successful removal from your infected PC. We will be obliged to help you out of your troubles.


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