How to Get Rid of c:windowsSECOH-QAD.exe – Review and Removal Report

​ c:windowsSECOH-QAD.exe removal

c:windowsSECOH-QAD.exe – Detailed Information

As same as other Trojan horse, c:windowsSECOH-QAD.exe invade your PC silently and allow other threats to sneak into your PC without your consent. This distructive Trojan is a real threat your Windows system, could do major harm to your compromised machine. Once successfully infiltrating your PC, it can start several malicious activities on your system in background that will degrade your PC performance and Internet speed. Once performance of your computer gets cut down and you will not be able to perform any task smoothly without disturbances.

Furthermore, c:windowsSECOH-QAD.exe infection infiltrate your PC in a very tricky way from Infected USBs, ad-serving websites, Porn websites, Adult dating sites like Flirchi, even through trojanised windows critical update or software update as well. Besides, this trojan is designed to serve many other harmful threats and malware like PWSteal, Keylogger, Pandora on your system in order to distribute Cyberpunks other creations. It allows them to remotely access your PC and perform various activities like purloining credentials/ important files, creating Junk files, alerting default system settings and sending collected data to buyer/developers through C&C servers. It may risk your privacy and system security. Immediate removal of c:windowsSECOH-QAD.exe virus is very important and much needed.

c:windowsSECOH-QAD.exe – Malicious Activities

PC security researchers revealed that c:windowsSECOH-QAD.exe disables the Firewall and Antivirus software to make its detection and removal extremely tough. Even the trojan has been programmed for writing new registry entries in Windows Registry and tasks in Windows Task Scheduler that help it in getting started automatically at PC reboot. In some cases, this Trojan horse also blocks the access of important system applications like CMD, Control Panel and Task manager. It disables all security and self protection setting in every possible way that might participate in its removal. c:windowsSECOH-QAD.exe can also purloin your personal and credential informations including your online banking details, mailing address, phone numbers and send all of them to Attackers for making easy money or reach out your throat.

c:windowsSECOH-QAD.exe – Distribution Tactics

c:windowsSECOH-QAD.exe use various social engineering and smart-methods to intrude your PC. If you knew how did it fall on your PC, you must haven't made that mistake. Though some of the most common tactics are following:

  • via Spam email attachments.

  • from spamming or porn websites.

  • through suspicious links.

  • from misleading advertisements.

  • via fake software/system updates.

  • Bundled up Freeware downloads.

  • P2Pr file sharing platform.

Therefore, we strongly recommend all victims to delete c:windowsSECOH-QAD.exe from their windows system ASAP.

Easily Remove c:windowsSECOH-QAD.exe From Your Computer


Step 1: Start PC in Safe Mode with Networking

Step 2: Delete c:windowsSECOH-QAD.exe Using System Restore

Step 3: Unhide All Hidden Files to View and Delete c:windowsSECOH-QAD.exe

Step 4: Delete c:windowsSECOH-QAD.exe from host files


Manual Approach to Remove c:windowsSECOH-QAD.exe

Step 1: Steps to Start your Computer in Safe Mode with Networking to Get Rid of c:windowsSECOH-QAD.exe

(For Win 7| XP| Vista Users)

  • First of all, reboot your computer in Safe Mode with Networking
  • Click to Start button and then Shutdown|Restart option and the Select OK
  • After PC get restarted, keep tapping F8 continuously until you don’t get Advanced Boot Options.
  • Select ‘Safe Mode with Networking’ from the list.


(For Win 8| Win 10 Users)

  • Click on Power button near Windows Login Screen
  • After that, keep Shift button pressed and then Select Restart Option
  • Now, Click to Enable Safe Mode with Networking Option


  • Continue following other steps, in case c:windowsSECOH-QAD.exe is not letting your PC to Start in Safe Mode.

Step 2: Delete c:windowsSECOH-QAD.exe Using System Restore Process

  • Reboot your computer in Safe Mode with Command Prompt
  • After the appearance of Command Prompt windows appear on the screen, Select cd restore and then press Enter button.


  • After that, Type ‘rstrui.exe’ and then press Enter.


  • After that, you need to Click on Next Option and then Choose restore point that was last time PC was working fine before c:windowsSECOH-QAD.exe infection. Click on Next button.



  • Select Yes to Restore your System and delete c:windowsSECOH-QAD.exe threat.


  • If the above step does not work to delete c:windowsSECOH-QAD.exe, move to the next step

Step 3: Unhide All Hidden Folders and Files to Uninstall c:windowsSECOH-QAD.exe

Steps to View c:windowsSECOH-QAD.exe Hidden Folders on Windows XP

  1. You need to follow the given instructions, in order to show all the hidden files and folders:
  2. Close or minimize all the Windows to go to the desktop
  3. Double click the ‘My Computer’ icon to open it.
  4. Click on the Tools menu and then Select Folder option
  5. After that, click on View tab from the new Window.
  6. Check the Display content of the system folder option.
  7. Check mark on Show hidden files and folders option, in the Hidden files and folder section.
  8. Click on Apply then on OK button. After that, close the Windows.
  9. Now, you will able to see all the c:windowsSECOH-QAD.exe associated hidden files and folders on the PC.


How to Access c:windowsSECOH-QAD.exe Hidden Folders and Files on Windows Vista

  1. Close or minimize all the opened tabs and go to the Desktop.
  2. Click on Windows logo which is present on the lower left side of screen and then Click to Start button.
  3. Go to the Control Panel and then Click to Open it.
  4. After that, you will see two options, one is “Classic View” and other is “Control Panel Home View”.
  5. Do the below given instructions when you are in “Classic View”.
  6. Double click the icon and open the Folder Option.
  7. After that, choose View tab.
  8. Again Goto Step 5
  9. Follow the Instructions if you are choosing “Control Panel Home View” option.
  10. Click to Appearance and Personalization link.
  11. After that, choose Show Hidden Files and Folders
  12. Click on the button which is present right next to the Show Hidden Files or Folders, under the Hidden Files and Folders.
  13. Furthermore, click on Apply button and then OK button. Close the window.
  14. Now you have successfully considered Windows Vista to show you all the hidden files and folder created by c:windowsSECOH-QAD.exe.


Steps to Unhide c:windowsSECOH-QAD.exe Created Folders on Windows 7

  1. Go to the desktop and click on the small rectangle which is placed in the lower right part of the screen.
  2. Now, Click the Start menu by clicking on start button which is placed in the lower left side of the computer screen that carries the logo (Windows)
  3. After that, search for “Control Panel” which is present in the right most row and then Open it.
  4. After opening of Control Panel, look for the “Folder Options” link.
  5. And then, Tap over the “View Tab”
  6. Double Click the Hidden Files or Folders which is c:windowsSECOH-QAD.exe associated, under the Advanced Settings category.
  7. Then after, Select the check box in order to Show hidden files, folders or drives.
  8. Then, Click to ‘Apply’ and then OK button. Close the menu.
  9. Now Windows 7 is configured to show you all the hidden folders, files or drives.


Steps to Unhide c:windowsSECOH-QAD.exe associated Folders and Files on Windows 8

  1. Turn on your Windows PC and then Click on Start logo button which is placed in the left side of the screen.
  2. After that, move to the program lists and then Select Control Panel app.
  3. When Control Panel is opened, Click to More settings
  4. After that, you will see Control Panel Windows and then choose “Appearance and Personalization” tab.
  5. In the Advance Setting dialogue box, you will need to check mark on Show hidden Files and Folders and then clear the check box for Hide protected system files.
  6. After that, Click on Apply and then Ok button, This very option will help you in detecting and then deleting all types of c:windowsSECOH-QAD.exe related suspicious files.
  7. Finally, navigate you cursor to the Close option and then ext the panel.


How to View c:windowsSECOH-QAD.exe related Folders on Windows 8

  1. Open the Folder, if you are willing to unhide files.
  2. Search and Click on View option from Menu bar.
  3. Click on View folder option
  4. After that, click on View and Enable Radio Button related with Shows hidden files created by c:windowsSECOH-QAD.exe, folder and drive.
  5. Then after, Click to Ok button.


Step 4: Press Start Key along with R copy + paste the below stated Command and then Click on OK

notepad %windir%/system32/Drivers/etc/hosts

  • This will open up a new file, in case if your PC has been hacked. Some IP’s will be shown at the bottom of the screen.


After that, Click on the Start menu and then Input “Control Panel” in the search box and then “Select Network and Internet” and then “Network and Sharing Center”. Then after move to the Next Change Adapter Settings and then Right Click your Internet Connection and then Select on Properties.

  • In case, you are finding it difficult or find suspicious IP or facing any other issue then Submit Question to us and we will surely solve all your problem.


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