ProposalCrypt Ransomware – Removal Guide (100% Working)

Needful Report Regarding ProposalCrypt Ransomware

ProposalCrypt Ransomware has nothing new, just like other ransomware, it’s equipped with a customized version of the AES-256 encryption standard which is released as open-source. This encryption algorithm is also being used by shareware developers in order to prevent public from obtaining a proprietary code. The file encrypted with the cipher are nearly impossible to decrypt without a proper key (password). Judging on a quick test, ProposalCrypt Ransomware is still under developments, a copy of the cryptomalware was uploaded to Google’s Virus Total platform in order to find if the cryptomalware bypass Antivirus security scan and heuristic analysis. The ransomware is identical to Cryptorium Ransomware and primarily distributed via spam emails and phishing attacks.

ProposalCrypt Ransomware

Moreover, ProposalCrypt Ransomware targets the most commonly used data containers such as documents, photos, videos, databases, presentation, programming files, project files on the affected computer. All enciphered file will have ‘.crypted’ extension appended after the original file extension. Enciphered file will be totally inaccessible, just like corrupted one that you can’t read or modify. For instance, ‘’ will be transcoded as ‘’. Without a proper decryption key, it will be difficult to get back your files but it’s not impossible. Hence, instead paying 1 BTC (903 USD) to anonymous Attackers, we recommend you give our ProposalCrypt Ransomware removal method and file restoring technique a try.

Risks associated with ProposalCrypt Ransomware infection

If you are thinking to pay ransom to the Attackers in order to decrypt your file, you should first know the real risk associated with the ransomware. First of all, most of us don’t know how to use Bitcoin base account, adding money in Bitcoin wallet using TOR network isn’t safe at all. There is a high risk that Attackers will trace your online transaction details and hack into bank account later on. As a result lost your whole life’s saving just in few minutes. Despites, suppose they didn’t hack into your accounts but what if they ignore you after getting ransom fee. Even, you can’t file lawsuit against such invisible Attackers.

Security Experts’ suggestion to the Victims

If you want to avoid such infection in future, first you have to know that how does ProposalCrypt Ransomware invade your computer? Well, the ransomware is mostly delivered to your computer via spam emails that may look like important, sent by suspicious source containing attachment file with phishing text. If you open such attachments to clear your suspicion, your Computer gets penetrated with ProposalCrypt Ransomware. So, it is necessary to avoid participating in spamming activities. To safeguard your computer 24/7, you should keep reliable security software installed and up-to-date on your system.

As of now, follow the provided removal instruction to get rid of ProposalCrypt Ransomware and restoring process to recover your files.

Easily Remove ProposalCrypt Ransomware From Your Computer

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Most Effective Way To Eliminate CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED Error

If you are encountering an error with this message CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED Error. Then, take a few minutes to read this step-by-step guide, it will help you to learn more about this error and how to fix it.



CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED Error is BSOD error message which appears when an important system process has stopped running. It has been developed by Microsoft Corporation and its applies to all Windows version like Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. Lots of PC users encountered Blue Screen of Death but Windows 10 users seem to suffer from it the most. The error occur your system while your system got infected with several types of threats. Your Windows become sluggishly and also responds slowly to keyboard or mouse input. Your computer periodically “freezes” for a few seconds at a time. The errors can be caused by a variety of hardware, firmware, driver, or software issues. The worst part of CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED Error, as a process dying could be caused by a number of different things in your computer including hard drive, the memory modules and in some cases the processor itself.


You will experience CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED Error, while you have installed new hardware or software. It can appear during program installation, when a Windows driver is being loaded, when a Microsoft Corporation-related software program is running or during Windows startup or shutdown. Keeping track of when and where your STOP error occurs is a critical piece of information in troubleshooting the problem. After you use a hard drive for a long time, there may be some bad sectors in this disk and it may cause this problem.


The computer crashes and presents you with the CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED Error message when attempting to run a particular program. It causes computer fails to boot up, instead presenting the user with the BSOD error message. If a critical PC system process can not run properly, the operating system will have some troubles, and it will crash and show you this error on your computer in all Windows version. The computer freezes periodically, for a couple of seconds at a time. Virus or malware infection that has corrupted Windows system files or Windows Operating System-related program files. When the error appears and Windows 10 crashes as a result of accidental shutdown. The virus lives everywhere and it often attacks your computer which can makes this error existent. If you need to restart your computer again and again, it may be because of the corrupted or modified files.

  • Error 0xEF blue screen caused by a damaged hard disk.
  • The error due to memory (RAM) corruption.
  • Your PC frequently crashes with Error 0xEF
  • It appears and crashes the active program window.
  • Certain existing drivers in your PC got corrupted, faulty or incompatible.

Hence, if you want to fix all these type of issues then you need to remove CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED Error from the Windows.

Video Guide To Remove CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED Error Manually From Infected System

Easily Remove CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED Error From Your Computer

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SONAR.MalVBS!gen1: How To Uninstall It?

Hello! Is your PC infected with a very dangerous and notorious Trojan threat known as SONAR.MalVBS!gen1. Do you want removal method to delete this bug from your computer? Also know how to protect your PC from such kind of malicious threats in future? If yes then, you have hit the right nail. In below article, get the complete details about the Trojan horse and also know how you can get rid of this infection immediately.


Technical Details About SONAR.MalVBS!gen1

Threat Name





November 7, 2015


November 7, 2015 12:38:06 AM

Distribution Method

Peer-to-peer file sharing networks, junk email attchments, freeware applications and more

Affected OS

All type of OS

What Is SONAR.MalVBS!gen1?

SONAR.MalVBS!gen1 is an extremely harmful Trojan virus. It is a heuristic detection to detect the execution of malicious VB scripts. The Trojan horse can root deeply in your system smoothly and make its more vulnerable. It is expert at exploiting software and system vulnerabilities. The nasty threat has ability to attack all Windows versions including Windows 8, Windows 7, NT, ME, Windows vista and Windows XP and so on. Your antivirus programs get disable because the virus already altered system settings and added its malicious codes to the Windows registry. As a result, lots of strange icons appearing on your desktop. You can’t delete those icons until you uninstall corresponding malware which come into your system via the loopholes created by the Trojan horse.

SONAR.MalVBS!gen1 : Antivirus Protection Dates

  • Initial Weekly Certified release date November 11, 2015
  • Initial Rapid Release version November 6, 2015
  • Latest Daily Certified version November 6, 2015
  • Latest Rapid Release version November 6, 2015
  • Initial Daily Certified version November 6, 2015

Intrusion Method Used By SONAR.MalVBS!gen1

SONAR.MalVBS!gen1 is spread through many stealthy ways, such as spam e-mail attachments, compromised social sites, freeware. So, if you improperly use the computer, it will find out system vulnerabilities accurately and use them to invade your workstation.

What Can Be Consequences After SONAR.MalVBS!gen1 Enters Into The PC?

  • Crashing or corrupting any software/hardware utilities.
  • It can collect browsing history, hardware configuration, OS type, and can install malicious products.
  • Download and run files, which includes its updates and other malicious files.
  • Check for an Internet connection and make it slow.
  • Search for the location of infected computer system.
  • It will degrade the computer performance significantly and crash down the system randomly.
  • Give a confirmation to its publisher about new infection infiltrated into PC.

Hence, if you want to fix all these type of problems and protect your PC from this nasty threat then, remove SONAR.MalVBS!gen1 from the targeted PC as soon as possible.

Easily Remove SONAR.MalVBS!gen1 From Your Computer

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Delete |€“ A Complete Removal Guide

This post is all about the removal tip of If your browser always rerouted you to this site each time while doing any online activity and want to delete it from your web browsers then this post is really very beneficial for you. It contains all instruction which is necessary for removal of

Delete : An Overview 

Domain Name
Registration Date 2016-12-14
Servers Name,, and
Registry Domain ID 2081801725_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
IANA ID 2487
Registrant Name Domain Admin
Email [email protected]

More Details About is yet another browser hijacker infection which is similar to the Although, it is not directly connected to the virus but its behavior is very harmful to the user PC. Like the other browser hijacker infection, it aims to generate revenues for third-party from various unethical means. It can be really helpful only for its authors of developers to gain the more profit.

At the first glance, it looks like very useful and genuine search engine which claims user to enhance their online surfing experience. But in reality, it hampers online experience and leads to acquiring the huge issues. It always redirects you to the sponsored sites where numerous products and services are promoted so that they can easily generate PPC revenue. Its features are really too much irritating for the System user. It cannot harm your System directly but there is a chance that it can infect your web page.

Before removing from your PC, you have to know that how it infect your PC. This type of infection usually attached itself along with free downloaded content such as videos, images, software updates etc. Along with the so-called bundling method, it uses lots of tricky thing including hacked sites, online games, freeware and shareware programs, infected removable devices, Spam emails or junk mail attachments etc. It usually happens when you select the typical of the default mode of installation. To prevent PC from installing such an infection, you need to be very attentive while doing online activities and downloading packages.

As soon as gets installed on your PC, you have noticed lots of things such as follows:

  • Hijacks your all web browsers and avoid you to surf the web normally.
  • Always lead you to and force you to but the bogus application.
  • Make your System and Internet speed much slower than before.
  • Automatically modify your browser, DNS and Computer settings.
  • Alters your browser settings and blocks you to reset them back.

Easily Remove From Your Computer

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How Do You Easily Remove BTCamant ransomware From Your Windows

Hey guys, my system has been infected with a ransom threat named BTCamant ransomware. This ransom virus encrypts all my important files and makes it completely inaccessible to me. I tried to eliminate this threat but my antivirus program has been failed every time So please anyone help me to solve this problem and provide a solution to remove it from my system effectively. Thanks in advance.

delete BTCamant ransomware

Short Description about BTCamant ransomware

BTCamant ransomware is a new strain or ransomware variant of the vicious threat family. It acts very similar like the most of the file encrypting ransomware do. The sole intension of this ransom threat is to lock the users files and convince the victim to pay the ransom money in order to get the decryption key. The threat perform the encryption on the users system with the combination of RSA and AES encryption algorithm ciphers and send the private decryption key on their hosting servers that the infected users do not get it easily. Decryption key contains a set of symbols so it is not an easy task to predict or guess. Without getting this private key the decryption process is totally impossible and do not retrieve your locked files. Till now, not much is known about this ransom threat so researchers are analyzing more about it.

BTCamant ransomware : Distribution Technique

In this note you can read a detailed ransomware distribution methods and the protection steps that can escape you from ransomware attack. You should know that any type of virus including ransomware which uses Trojan virus technique to spread their infection among the system users. The most of the greater part of this ransomware has been delivered via spam or junk emails. Cyber criminals attaches a legit looking attachments with the emails to download and when you click on them to download then the infection immediately gets on your system. So do not open spam emails which send you by unknown senders. Pay attention while you open it on your system. Attackers may send you fake update alerts about your media players and JavaScript codes but do not use the links that provided by the hackers because these are malicious and when you click on it instantly the ransom infection get into your system without any delay so do not use the fake update links. Many a times the developers uses exploits kits and compromised sites and other social engineering tricks to get inside of the users system.

How BTCamant ransomware works on your compromised computer?

Once BTCamant ransomware transfered into your system then it start searching the targeted files like documents, presentations, spreadsheets, pictures, audios and videos. Once it collects all data types then start the encryption and after this process appends ".BTCamant" file extension with every infected files to help the affected user to easily recognize the encoded files. You can not access your files once it has been encoded. After this process it leaves a ransom message on the users desktop and ask to pay the 0.5 Bitcoin to get the decryption tool to retrieve your locked files. But do not follow the instructions of the attackers and do not get into the tricks of them because they only wanted to extort money from the users. So you should try to delete BTCamant ransomware immediately from your system.


Easily Remove BTCamant ransomware From Your Computer

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Cerber Ransomware Updated Not to Delete Shadow Volume Copies But Office Docs

Cerber ransomware is yet again in news and this time for a specific reason. The newly identified and the recent versions of this ransomware behaves somewhat different from the previous one. The biggest change in the recently detected version of Cerber Ransomware is that it does not delete the shadow volume copies, instead, it is targeting and prioritizing specific folders only. This change has been spotted only in the recent version but it does not mean that shadow volume won’t be targeted in the future version. This discovery mainly comes via the Microsoft Malware Protection Center along with the Heimdal Security.

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Proper Way to Get Rid Of Holiday Sale Ads

Holiday Sale Ads

A Brief Report On Holiday Sale Ads

Holiday Sale Ads is identified as an adware program that comes inside the PC without your consent. The festive season is more profitable for hackers in order to selling their products of various quality. Whether you have started your holiday shopping a month ago or you are looking for presents at the very last minute, you are exposed to increase the number of cyber infections online. When lots of adware tools attempt to infect into your computer. Severe virtual threats might take the advantage of your hectic shopping. This specific adware might have settled on the device while you let your guard down. After that, the nasty application implanted its scripts and elements on your computer to the purpose of monitoring your browsing habits. Additionally, the nasty program appear on every web pages despite whether it is an information domain or news site. While you open any new tab or browser lots of ads display everywhere. They will give you different types of offers, banners, coupons and ,much more.

Penetration Of Holiday Sale Ads

Holiday Sale Ads comes along with freeware application. Because some freeware programs or application contain this type of nasty application. If any user install or download any freeware application from unofficial sites then it comes along with this freeware application. Some other ways are

  •  Browse rogue sites,
  •  Install pirated software
  •  Using torrent file sharing networks,
  •  Insert infected storage media device
  •  Visiting or clicking any malicious sites and more.

Why Holiday Sale Ads Is Dangerous?

Holiday Sale Ads always pretend as a useful program but its not true. The adware tries to bring lots of malicious software in order to generate profit. It generates web traffic and produce pay-per-click revenue for its creator. The nasty program easily achieves those goals with the help of its vexatious, unsafe, never-ending pop-up advertisements. It also make many unsafe activities such as inject malicious code into preset Internet browsers, You should always pay attention when you add any new stuff on your system. It has ability to spy your all online activities and gather your all personal details for making money. Your Internet speed become very slow as well as PC performance. Thus, it is very important to get rid of Holiday Sale Ads from the PC as quickly as possible.

How To Uninstall Holiday Sale Ads From PC (Video Guide)

Easily Remove Holiday Sale Ads From Your Computer

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Facts Worth To Know About Trojan.Cryptolocker.F (Removal Solution)

​get rid of Trojan.Cryptolocker.F

Short Note on Trojan.Cryptoloc

Name Trojan.Cryptolocker.F
Type Trojan
Risk Level 5/10
Discovered May 31, 2014
Updated August 30, 2016 11:34:19 AM
Alias Ransom.Cryptolocker.B
System Affected All Version of Windows OS X

Complete Information About Trojan.Cryptolocker.F

Trojan.Cryptolocker.F has been detected by malware researchers and security experts as a notorious Trojan infection. It is a form of threat and just one out of dozens of variants who uses the ransomware strategy. This variant of Trojan specifically targets the Systems in Australia via threatening email messages. It usually encrypts the user's all files that stored on the local hard drive and System. After encrypting files, it asks user to pay a ransom amount to decrypt the files.

The messages usually threaten System users and claim that it is very necessary to pay the amount to decrypt the data. The e-mail messages usually associated with this threat uses very convincing text and logos. The messages contain an embedded link which claims users to view their bill details. But you should know that this link leads to the phishing page. To attracts or convince user, it includes a captcha which claims that it is very necessary to download the bill in form of Zipping file. It usually enters into the user PC via spam email attachments. After executing into PC, it creates %Windir%\[RANDOM FILE NAME].exe. No joking, it can crash your System gradually if you do not pay attention to it. 

Error Message Displayed By Trojan.Cryptolocker.F

After intruding into your PC successfully, it blocks your access to the entire files or Systems. It adds some new icons and shortcuts on the desktop screen to confuse the user. This Trojan is capable of creating some new registry entries and windows files to messes up the entire PC. It has the ability to open the backdoor and injects lots of malicious infection. Additionally, it installs various program into the user PC which as a result consumes more resources and slows down System speed. What's worse, it can steal your all sensitive and valuable data such as IP address, username, banking login details, password, contact details, addresses, debit card details etc. After collecting data, it exposed them to the scammers. Thus, it is very necessary to eliminate Trojan.Cryptolocker.F immediately without any delay.

Easily Remove Trojan.Cryptolocker.F From Your Computer

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How Can I Remove Safely From My Infected Browser

Complete Overview on

System users that are affected by browser hijacker threat report that they are presented with plenty of advertisements which appears on their computers automatically. Every time when you search for the information or try to watch any videos online, it will open up in a new tab and shows unstoppable commercial adverts, which may be extremely frustrating for you. Once the threat gets inside your machine, it may hijack your active web browsers including IE, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera. In order to make the advertisements appealing to the infected machine users, hijacker may read the Meta tags of the web pages that you visit to display specific commercial and gain the number of clicks.

Furthermore, it may enter a targeted machine bundled with third parties software because otherwise no one will download and install such annoying browser extension onto their PC willingly. This is a kind of situation which makes the security investigators recommend insistently a careful installation of a freeware programs applications downloaded from unknown or suspicious sources. may be associated with a kind of potentially unwanted program which may present itself as a legit browser extension that may installed automatically. One of the most common way in which such hijacker threat may enter a PC is by bundling them with other free softwares.

Dealing with Issues Associated with

Problems linked with this hijacker virus have been reported on most famous and commonly used Internet browsers. The issues may include the appearance of irritating pop-ups, whenever a new tab or a window is opened. Besides, advertisements associated with this infection gets added to the every visited websites on affected web browsers. may try to alarm the system users, making them believe that their machine is infected so that they'll call on a fake technical support number o download a rogue security program and optimizer onto their system. Therefore, removal of undesired programs associated with hijacker virus should stop all annoying symptoms that are linked to the virus and its associated ads and affiliate marketing schemes.

Easily Remove From Your Computer

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Best Solution To Delete

Hello friends, Have you any idea about I always being redirected to this site when I open any new tab, search any query, open any new window or performing any activity. I have really no idea how it happens on my PC. To delete it, I have tried lots of manual methods but each time unable to do so. Please help me anyone by providing an effective suggestion to eliminate


Do you know actually what is is a dubious site which registered on June 02, 2016 and updated after one month on July 13, 2016. TLD Registrar Solutions Ltd is the registrar of this domain and D26387455-CNIC is the domain ID. The registrant hides his/her details on the, thus it is clear that site is created by cyber offenders for commercial and financial purposes. 

Redirection issue is the symbol of the browser hijacker infection. If you constantly getting redirected to this domain then you have to understand that your PC is infected with a browser hijacker infection. Similar to other browser hijacker infection, it also attacks the entire web browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge even Safari and much more by adding some plug-ins, add-ons, suspicious codes, browser helper objects and so on. After attacking browser, it displays numerous pop-up ads and links in various forms such as deals, banners, promo codes, video ads, in-text ads etc. 

All advertisements are based on the PPC scheme. Once you clicked on any adverts, it will lead you to the third-party site where numerous products and services are promoted. The developers of this site always force you to buy the bogus application, so that they can get money from you. At first glance, it seems as useful which claims user to enhance their browsing experience but actually it ruin browsing experience badly. To have a better search and online experience, you should delete as soon as possible after getting any symptom of it.

Being a browser hijacker infection, lurks into the user PC secretly by using several tricky things. Most of the common method which used by this infection is so-called bundling method. It silently gets intrudes into your Computer when you download any free content from the Internet even from the legitimate source. Beside this, it also penetrates into the user Computer via hacked sites, torrent files, P2P sharing of files, infected external devices and much more. The intrusion method of this infection may vary but the main source remains same that is the Internet. Thus, you need to be very attentive while doing online work. Your little attention can simply avoid your from being affected by

Easily Remove From Your Computer

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