Found “AdMicroscope” malware….Need Help!!

DWQA QuestionsCategory: QuestionsFound “AdMicroscope” malware….Need Help!!
Jennie asked 3 years ago

Hey I’m getting lots of AdMicrosoft ads and pop ups while surfing. I have completely frustrated with these unusual ads. I have tried a lot and even deleted it as well but it keeps coming back every time. I’m in great trouble and need your help. Can any one help me in blocking all these ads??

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admin Staff answered 3 years ago

Hello and Welcome 🙂 Jennie
Well, this is one among common issue for every PC. AdMicrosoft is a Potentially Unwanted Program that lately identified as an adware program that is capable enough to make machine vulnerable. Once AdMicrosoft get activated, it will start annoying user via countless ads, pop ups, warning alerts along with lots of error messages. These ads are created by cyber criminals in such a way that it look like real and genuine one. AdMicrosoft will block all the active and running processes aiming to make your computer non responsive. They often come along with junk mail, P2P sharing of files, clicking unusual links and sometimes even via social sites. Frankly speaking, these ads are really risky and needs to be blocked immediately. Click the below link to know how you can easily block AdMicrosoft ads from your Windows PC.
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