How To Remove Malware From Windows XP

Windows XP users can follow removal steps below to get rid of malware infection on their computer.

Step 1: Start Windows XP in Safe Mode

Boot your computer with Windows XP in “Safe Mode” or “Safe Mode with Networking”. So your computer load Windows OS with most basic drivers needed and decline additional startup programs that automatically start with the launch and reactivate malicious process. Use the following steps on Windows XP, to enter into safe mode with.

  • Turn on your computer

  • Press the F8 key several times for the keyword while the computer is started.

  • This will activate the Advance Boot Option, if the Window bypass this options then repeat the steps again.

  • In the “Advance Boot Option”, select “Safe Mode” or “Safe Mode with network drivers loading”, use the Up Arrow or

  • down cursor movement keys on your keyboard and then press Enter key after appropriate selection.

Step 2: Kill Malware Process from Windows XP Task Manager

You have to close all the processes associated with malware that is running into Windows XP Task Manager. This is an important step before you continue to remove the malware.

  • Use the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Del keys to start Task Manager.

  • It may possible that Malware prohibit you to access Task Manager, If you will be prompted with “Task Manager is disabled by your administrator”.

  • So, you will have to open notepad, copy and paste the code: “REG add HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System /v DisableTaskMgr /t REG_DWORD /d /0 /f” and save the file as “TaskManager.bat”

  • Run the batch file once on your computer. prompt will appear to the DOS, as well as get vanished in a flash. When you run a batch file, you can start Task Manager. You may need to restart your computer.
  • In the Task Manager, click the Processes tab. Find the process that is associated with the malware, a single click on it and click End Task button.

Step 3: Remove Malware from Windows XP Control Panel

To remove malware from Windows XP, you need to be very careful and follow the steps.

  • Turn on the Windows XP computer. you will find the “Start” button on the lower left corner of the task bar, click on it.

  • Go to Control Panel and click to run.

  • In the Control Panel, search for “Add or Remove Programs.”

  • You will see a list of installed programs on your ball.

  • Select the malware in the list of programs and click Change / Remove.
  • Follow the instructions while uninstall process get completed.

Step 4: How to delete registry settings created by the malware

Uninstall process via Control panel component leave a few registry entries made by malware so, you can use either a reliable automated registry cleaner or follow the manual registry editing method.

Important Note : – Registry editing needs much technical skill to identify entry values. Any mis-operation can lead in instant corruption of Windows XP. It is not recommended for general computer users.

  • Click on the “Start” button on the taskbar and select “Run” or press “Win + R”, to launch the Run window.

  • Type “Regedit” and press Enter or click on “OK”, to see the Registry Editor.

  • Search records created by malware and remove.

Step 5: Find and Delete Elements of Malware from Windows XP

To completely remove the malware, you need to remove all the files and folders on the infected computer, created by malware. Here are the steps:

  • Close all running programs and process, Now click On “Start”
  • Navigate to “My Computer”
  • Locate and click “Tools” from menu bar and select “Folder Options…”

  • Click on “View” tab and click Radio button Associated to “Show hidden files and folders”

  • Click on “OK”, now you can see all hidden files and folders.

  • Manually search the locations on your hard disk and delete suspicious files and folders.