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Need Help To Remove SNSLocker Ransomware Permanently From Windows PC

SNSLocker Ransomware

Get More Knowledge on SNSLocker Ransomware

SNSLocker Ransomware is a top file encrypting ransomware virus which is used by the criminal hackers to take the victims files hostage. This threat may be installed on the users machine through different ways such as opening spam email attachments, clicking on suspicious links, visiting pornographic websites, downloading freeware programs and applications from untrustworthy sources and etc. Once SNSLocker Ransomware enters targeted PC, it will encrypt the users files by using an asymmetric encryption algorithm.

Moreover, SNSLocker Ransomware changes the names of the encrypted system files by adding a weird extension at the end of the file name which incorporates as an ID number assigned to the users PC and an email address where the victim can receive the instructions on paying the ransom money and recovering files from the encryption. Although, SNSLocker Ransomware generates a private key which is stored on the hackers remote malware server. This means that the victims can not access the decryption key unless they pay the certain ransom amount.

Furthermore, the ransom amount of SNSLocker Ransomware is about to $300 and it demands ransom fee by altering the users desktop background and dropping HTML and text files in directories where the files were encrypted. The name of those dropping files are like HELP_YOUR_FILES.TXT and HELP_YOUR_FILES.HTML. In this file, you will see a message that asking the victim to email the criminal hackers that are for SNSLocker Ransomware with their ID number and one encrypted PC file, so the cyber crooks can prove that they can decrypt the file.

Meanwhile, most of the other ransomware threat related to SNSLocker Ransomware will demand an amount which is ranging from 0.5 to 1.5 Bitcoins, which at the current exchange rates would range from the $250 to $650. The computer security researchers strongly advise the PC users to avoid paying the ransom amount because the restoration of file is not guaranteed even after paying the ransom amount. However, a good backup solution will cost only a fraction of the cost associated with ransomware virus like SNSLocker Ransomware. With the marked increase in the ransom amount of these types of severe attacks. It is quite essential that system users invest in backing up their PC files on an external memory device or the cloud.

Also, the system security analysts strongly advise PC users to not pay the ransom to SNSLocker Ransomware virus. Because, the machine users cannot be sure that the hackers will honor their promise and decrypt the computer files after payment has been carried out. More importantly, paying ransom amount will lead to identity theft or financial data stolen which allows the ransomware threat to continue being a profitable venture for the cyber criminals. It can encrypt several types of PC files such as .doc, .pdf, .ppt, .xls, .doc, .7z, .java, .php, .odc, .rar, .raw, .wav, .zip, .wallet and etc. Hence, it is highly suggested to eliminate SNSLocker Ransomware completely from your system.

Easily Remove SNSLocker Ransomware From Your Computer

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