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Cyber Experts Reveals New Distribution Channels of Ursnif Banking Trojan

Security analysts have managed to identify a new phishing campaign which is used to spread Ursnif Banking Trojan in order to target various computer users all around the world. Cyber offenders adopted a deceptive technique for the distribution of banking Trojan via spam email campaign which contains a malicious document and mislead the web surfers to download an executable file of Ursnif Trojan. Although, there are two main factors identified by the security researchers that are used for the malware’s distribution. In this distribution channel, spam botnet is used to send malicious emails, and the hacked web servers to host the Trojan. According to the security experts, the spam botnet is focused on distributing the Ursnif Banking Trojan to affect the computers in Japan, Germany, Australia, Spain and Poland.

Ursnif Banking Trojan

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