Technical Help for Extension Removal on Opera

As we know that extensions add features and functionality to opera which are not original. And it runs in the browser itself but their behavior as well as appearances in the users interface varies. For example: One extension is in the form of button but the second one runs on the background. You can Uninstall and disable extensions from browser, when the extensions get jumble with your browser.

Manual Method to Disable or Uninstall extensions from Opera

Step 1 : For this you need to open Opera browser first and click on Customize and control Opera button that appears in the top left hand part of windows and choose Extensions manager from the drop down box.

Opera extension 1

Step 2 : In the list locate the malicious extension and click on Disable button to remove the unwanted item.

Opera extension 2

To Reset Opera browser as Default

Step 1 : Again you have to click on Customize and control Opera icon and select Setting option in the drop down.

Opera Extension 3

Step 2 : Now select On startup under Settings, choose the last radio button i.e, Open a specific page or set of pages option and click on Set pages link.

Opera extension 4

Step 3 : Start pages dialog pop ups, from there find the unwanted entry and then click on close button that is present to the right. Type the preferred start page and press mouse button OK.

Opera extensions 5

Step 4 : Then proceed to section called Search under Settings. In the list choose preferred search engine.

Opera extension 6

To check if the problem has been fixed or not you will have to Restart Opera and browse. In the case, if you do not have problem you are good to go. But if the issue persists you will have to proceed with the next step that is to Reset Opera.

How to Clear Browsing Data in Opera

Steps 1 : After opening Opera click on Main Menu button that is present on the upper left corner of the browser.

Step 2 : Next tap on Customize and control Opera and select Settings in the dialog box.

Opera reset 2

Step 3 : And then select Privacy &security option and press mouse button on Clear browsing data button.

Opera reset 3

Step 4 : Dialog pop ups check if all check-boxes are activated, and in the drop down list select the beginning of time and select Clear browsing data button that is at the bottom.

Opera Reset 4

Go Though the Steps to Remove Unwanted Toolbars from Opera

Step 1: First you need to start Opera browser. Click on Opera main Menu.

Step 2 : Open Preferences window under Settings in the Opera main menu. (Optional – press Ctrl+F12 key together to open Preference window)

Step 3 : Click over the Advanced tab, Here you will see different option on the left hand pane click on Toolbars .

Step 4 : Select the toolbars that you have to delete and hit Delete button.

Toolbar 1

Guide to Security and Privacy in Opera

For user convenience, Opera has feature to give up privacy. It send every site that users visit to its server and also provide good control of cookies. There are many sites that can ignore “do-not -track” feature request and so opera user can easily be track to anyways. It will alert you when you visit malware site, entry of virus and to save browsing history, cookies and other private details. Here will get guide on how to manage security settings in Opera.

Steps to Manage Security Settings in Opera

1 Open Opera browser first and select Setting from drop down menu.
2. In the Settings window, click Privacy &Security which is presented on left navigation panel.
3. Click on Manage certificates to have overview of installed certificates and click on OK.

Follow these steps to Delete Cookies of all websites in Opera

1. Start your Opera browser and click Opera main Menu.

cookies 1
2. From the drop down menu click Setting and choose Delete Private Data option.

3. Delete Private Data windows will appear on the screen, check if Delete session cookies and Delete all cookies check-box is selected.

cookies 2

To manage the cookies in Opera follow the steps

1. Launch Opera browser. From the Opera main menu click Setting option and then Delete Private data.

cookies 1
2. Now Click on Manage Cookie… button in the Delete Private Data window.

Manage cookies 1
3. You will see Cookies Manager windows after clicking on Manager Cookies button. In the window select websites that you want to delete and hit Delete button.

Manage cookies 2