Uninstall .enc file extension virus From Windows PC and Restore Corrupted Files -100% Working Guide

eliminate .enc file extension virus

.enc file extension virus – Initial Analysis

The .ENC is a file extension used by atleast five Ransomware variants like Google Go, Trojan.Encoder.6491, Crypt0L0cker,TorrentLocker and Cryptohasyou. Saved files having .enc extension represent encrypted (locked) files which must be useless and inaccessible. During research, we found that the most newest ransomware that is using .enc file extension is Trojan.Encoder.6491 aka Google Go ransomware, has been written (coded) in GO programming language. Though, this makes it very different from other ransomware which are usually written in C#, C++, .Net, JavaScript etc. these ransomware variants use AES-256 Cipher to encrypt victims files and drop ransom note inside each folder having encrypted files. Ransom note shows warning message to the victims and demand 0.0552300 to 2.5 Bitcoins in order to give decryption key. Ransom note can be found on the compromised computer as DECRYPT_INSTRUCTIONS.html or YOUR_FILES_ARE_LOCKED.txt.

Possibility of data recovery

Files encrypted by .enc file extension virus become corrupted means totally useless. Though if you try to access those files, you may receive response like 'file has been corrupted, couldn't be accessed' or 'you do not have permission to access the files'. In this care there are some free data recovery tools and premium data recovery tools as well which might help you to recover your corrupted files very easily. Because security experts say that .enc file extension virus variants do not delete Shadow Volume Copies of encrypted files and using Shadow Explorer or other data recovery tools, you data can be stored on your PC. Hence, instead of paying ransom to anonymous Hackers, we suggest you to use data recovery tool. More details about the tool is given in the Removal part of this article, kindly find it.

How does .enc file extension virus spread?

  • Suspicious emails – Hackers tend to send mass email campaigns filled with harmful attachments or links. You should know that it is an easier way to compromise your PC with .enc file extension ransomware. So, delete those emails instantly.

  • Exploit kits – your web browser may get redirected to a website-serving an exploit kit via drive by downloads, which will scan your PC for software vulnerabilities and use them to compromise the PC with this ransomware.

  • Malicious ads -Typically, such ads sponsor trojanised software updates or Windows critical updates that actually carry cryptomalware. Once you click on any of them, your PC gets injected with ransomware codes.

Therefore, we strongly suggest you to keep a multi-layered Security software installed on your PC. But right now, it is very important to remove .enc file extension virus from your PC in order to recover your data. Follow the instruction given below:

Easily Remove .enc file extension virus From Your Computer



Manual Steps To Delete .enc file extension virus from the PC:-

Reboot the infected PC in “Safe Mode”.

  • Click on Start button and select Restart option to reboot the PC.
  • During the booting process of the system, tap F8 key continuously.


  • Windows Advanced Options menu will appear on the screen, choose “Safe Mode with Networking” option.

Safe Mode

  • Your PC will start in Safe Mode.

Terminate fake processes related to .enc file extension virus from Task Manager.

  • Hold Alt + Ctrl + Del keys together.


  • Task manager will appear on your screen.
  • Click on the Processes tab, detect all the fake processes which are related to .enc file extension virus.

Step 4

  • Finally, Click on End Process button to close all the task.

Uninstall bogus programs related to .enc file extension virus from Control Panel of Windows 7.

  • Click on Start button and choose Control Panel option.


  • Under the Programs category, you need to select Uninstall a Program.

Control Panel

  • Select the fake programs and click on Uninstall button.


Uninstall .enc file extension virus From Control Panel of Windows 8

  • Click on the Search button which is available at right edge of the screen and type Control Panel.


  • Go to Programs -> Uninstall a program.

Control Panel

  • Select and uninstall all the bogus programs related to .enc file extension virus.


Delete .enc file extension virus From the Control Panel of Windows 10

  • Click on Start button and select Control Panel option.


  • Click on Programs and Features option.


  • Identify the bogus programs and click on Uninstall button.


Remove .enc file extension virus From Windows Registry Editor.

  • Tap Windows + R keys together to open the Run command prompt.


  • Type “regedit” in the box and click OK.


  • Detect and remove all the fake entries related to .enc file extension virus.

Delete .enc file extension virus from msconfig.

  • Open the Run box by pressing Win + R keys.


  • Type “msconfig” in the box and hit Enter key.


  • Click on the Startup tab, deselect all the entries which are related to unknown manufacturer.


These steps will help you to remove the impacts of .enc file extension virus from the PC. But still if you detect any of the symptoms of the threat then you need to make use of Windows Scanner. It is one of the best way to remove the il-effects of the threat permanently from the PC. You just need to download .enc file extension virus Scanner and perform full scanning. It will detect all the available threats in few minutes and remove them quickly.


If you have any query related to removal of harmful threats then you can ask your question from the experts. They will provide the best solution of your PC problems.

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